Ambitious 220 Your Way
(a virtual challenge)

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June 2024

 Route: Your choice

Your Way is designed for you to join in the Ambitious weekend with a virtual challenge of your own creation

 Fundraising target: £200

 Registration fee: £20

Ambitious Your Way

This is an opportunity to give yourself a challenge of your own making. Take part in our virtual challenge over the weekend of 22 - 23 June. You could cycle 220 miles on a route of your choice, pedal for 220 minutes on an exercise bike, or walk 22 miles.

This could be a solo challenge or why not get your friends and family to sign up and join you! 

Some more virtual 220 challenge ideas for inspiration:

  • Cycle 220 miles from wherever you like, spilt across the weekend 
  • Swim for 220 minutes  
  • Do 220 press ups, star jumps or squats
  • Volunteer 22 hours of your time to support your local community 

Ambitious about Autism is a truly remarkable organisation. They have been a huge support to my wife and me and to my son Oscar over many years through Treehouse School and more recently Ambitious College. Their passion, expertise and, perhaps most of all, their sheer ambition makes a vital difference to all the families whose lives they touch and I'm very proud to be one of their ambassadors.

– Simon Mottram, founder of Rapha

How does Your Way work?

Get ready ...

Register for Ambitious 220 and decide what challenge you are taking on. 

Get set ...

Train and fundraise, use our expert support
to get ready.


See your hard work pay off on our event weekend.

Why take part?

By taking part in Ambitious 220, you’re raising money and awareness for autism and helping us to be able to stand with autistic children and young people, champion their rights and create opportunities.