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Help me - and a great cause - to go further than ever before!

This June I will be trying to cycle 220 miles from Manchester to London in one day for Ambitious About Autism. It'll be about 100 miles more than I've ever managed before, so I need all the support I can get, and the charity does too.

Ambitious about Autism want to help create a world where autistic children and young people are heard, included and supported. Great progress is being made, but I know from the experiences of people close to me that there's still a long way to go.

Please donate anything you can to support the challenge. Thanks a lot!

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In these challenging times, another challenge might help

Thursday 22nd Jun

Another interest rate rise has just been confirmed, with speculation mounting again that the UK might slip back into official recession. I for one have felt the urge to batten down the hatches during these tough times, but I’ve come to realise that adding extra challenges to our lives right now can actually be a good thing to do. 


Earlier this year, when I was feeling the economic squeeze in several ways, my friend Rob invited me to join him on one of the most unappealing things I could fathom. At the very moment when I needed time to find a new job, Rob wanted me to spend more and more hours every week to train for a ridiculously long bike ride. Furthermore, at the precise point when so many people – myself included – were feeling the pinch, Rob wanted me to pay an entry fee and personally fundraise more than I ever have before. 


Despite all the reasons in my head not to enter, I've always suffered an inability to say ‘no’ to Rob, so this Sunday, we’ll be setting off on a 220-mile one day ride from Manchester to London. I might take a different view after we've attempted the ride, but right now I can honestly say that this extra challenge was just what I needed during these challenging times. 


The 1,000+ miles of training have enabled me to put things in perspective and focus on where I want to go in the future. Friends and family members I’ve met up with on rides have all said helpful things (and been impressively tolerant of my sweaty lycra). My many miles in the Yorkshire Dales have also helped me to reconnect with the precious place I do voluntary work for (and I’ve had a very cool encounter with Alistair Brownlee on a ride there too). 


Nearly 70 hours of training also gave me the time to consider what I can do to advance the cause we’ve been fundraising for: Ambitious About Autism. I’ve been doing some research about what I can do in my capacity as a Board Director and trustee of another charity to make governance and services inclusive to people with autism. I’ll definitely take these learnings into my next job whenever I get it too. 


Fundraising-wise, every donation notification I’ve had in my inbox has been a morale boost. No matter what the amount, it’s been uplifting to see that many people can still afford to give and choose to do so. If you’re able to help me reach the fundraising target for a great cause, I'll be really grateful for anything you can give via my donation page. If you’d prefer, you can extend Rob’s lead over me instead. 


For understandable reasons, charitable giving is at its lowest level since 2021, but it’s important to remember that there are still good people out there who want to support. The same can be said for businesses. Whilst many are set to feel the downturn ahead, according to the ONS, nearly 1 in 5 trading businesses expect to increase their turnover next month. 


I’m mindful that there will be lots of good people out there who really feel like a break from the bleakness. If my experience is anything to go by, ignoring instincts and taking on a new challenge might be exactly what you and your chosen charity need. I hope you’re able to tune out of the latest interest rate news today and focus on doing something positive that really interests you. 

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Kevin, you're a legend and delighted to support you, hope you pack enough After Eights


Dot & Dave Armstrong

Go for it! You can do it!


Stephanie Niven



Alan Bancroft

Congratulations on your achievement!!


Marie Clark

Amazing xx


Chris Cowcher

All the best with the challenge, Kevin! A very worthy cause.


Wilf #fenten


Richard Marsden

Good luck soft lad, you’ll need it! :)


Kristof De Beule

Good Luck - looks very challenging


John Pitts

Good luck!




Caroline Oldfield

Great cause and will be cheering you on! See you at finish line. 🥳


The Beans

Good Luck Kevin - great effort and a great cause to help families like ours. Love Nic, Cas, Imogen, George and William xxx


Laura, Peter & Alex

Best of luck for the ride Kevin :) If you get tired, maybe have a Propeller for fuel :D :D


The Kibrits

Good Luck on this epic ride for a great cause! Naomi, Simon, Gabriel and Lilah x


Alex Pearson

Good luck Kevin



Giving myself 10p+Gift Aid for every mile!


Alice Oldfield

Good Luck Kevin!


Jo Stuart


Julie Nicholson

You got this Kev-La! Great cause! Happy Cycling!


Jean Banks


Lucy Findlay

Go Kevin!


Nuala Smyth

What a great challenge, safe cycling Kevin!


Nicholas Scott

What a brilliant challenge. I'll be rooting for you to smash it!


Leanne Reynolds

Hoping you're still fuelling on pasta, After Eights and Sesame Snaps. Amazing challenge Kevin! X


Dave Gearing

You'll breeze through it!


Paul C

Good luck Kevin!



Good luck Kevin! I would expect nothing less 😄


Andy Armstrong

Issy says ‘good luck, I hope you don’t get any really hard blisters’, I wish you good mechanical luck!


Sarah Bell

Wishing you tonnes of luck for the BIG ride. This will be an incredible achievement! I'd recommend a glass of wine to help you on your way but perhaps with the distance... just one at the end! x


Tanya A

Go Kevin! Have an amazing ride.


Alex Lai

All the best mate. Well fueled by the free bacon sandwich from a few weeks ago.



Good luck for the epic ride, Kev. At least you have a spare leg should you need to give one a rest!



Good luck Kevin, sure you'll smash it. Love Guy Karen & Emily. Xx


Denis Mola

You’ve got this in the bag!



Hope you made it Kevin. Bet you are aching today. We done you champ.


Adele, Luke, Gracie & Pippa Xx

Go smash it Kev 🙌🏻


Jane Ryall

You will easily do this - enjoy!!


Susanna Vas

Good luck Kevin. A worthy cause indeed.


Sarah Koz

Best of luck!


Roberta Mussato

A bit sad I cannot get to see you in your sexy Lycra outfit… Good luck with your race


Claire Price

A very good cause - best of luck with the cycle ride


James Wellham

Don't smash your head on a boulder again!



Chapeau job! Did I use it correctly? Great job mate. Nathan & Rachel




Peter Gardiner



Amazing challenge to take on, good luck! Just think of all the chocolate you'll need to fuel you!



Kevlar, the Pederlar


Ian Harrison


Richard Phillips

Good luck Kevin for your challenge - I hope you enjoy it!!!



Good luck Kevin!


Adam Kay


Christie Surridge

Good Luck Kevin!