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I’m taking part in the Rapha Ambitious 220 challenge. I will be taking on 220 miles in June and leaving my limits behind to raise funds for Ambitious about Autism, who want to help create a world where autistic children and young people are heard, included and supported. Please donate to support my challenge. Thank you so much!

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Sunday 11th Feb
Cycled (last Sunday) 64km over 2 hours 53 minutes at 22.4 km/h. I need to increase speed to at least 24 km/h to ensure I finish in one day!

Went to Old Winchester Hill where the trusty coffee van was. Visibility really poor out there, but improved as I descended.

Washing the bike yesterday, realised I've lost a drop-out bolt. Will get a replacement one and the bike overall needs a service - and possibly a stem and seatpost upgrade to make it lighter.

Getting out a sickness now, so will likely not ride now and do 2 next week to make up for it!

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